The psalmist speaks of a “broken heart” and a “contrite spirit” (Ps. 34:18). A broken heart is experienced when someone else causes a breach in a relationship with us, while a contrite spirit results when we feel sorrow for having caused such a breach, against either God or another human being.

The woman who experiences a broken heart, in many ways is  a “victim” in the wake of another person’s actions, whether intentional or unintentional. The broken heart she experiences may be the result of abandonment, rejection, oppression, abuse, or even death. Regardless of the cause, the typical feeling is one of being devastated or feeling as if life has been shattered. Three other emotions are usually quick to arise: fear, loneliness, and despair. In many ways, a broken heart is a “broken spirit,” in which you may lose the will to live, to love or to trust.

One of the foremost roles of the Messiah, and one which Jesus embraced wholeheartedly (Luke 4:18), was to “heal the brokenhearted” (Isaiah 61:1-3). Jesus very specifically addressed the underlying nature of a broken heart on several occasions. He dealt with fear (Mark 5:36), rejection and feelings of isolation (John 14:16), despair and a loss of will (John 14:1).

The brokenhearted woman finds healing when she chooses to believe again-to believe that she will live, to believe that she will experience love again, to believe that God has a future purpose and plan for her life, or to believe that God will be with her always, even in the darkest hours of her hurt and sorrow (Jeremiah 29:11-14). In embracing fully the promise of Christ Jesus to heal her broken heart, she finds strength for reaching out to others, trusting that God still has “something new” for her (Lamentations 3:22-24).

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There is no time frame for healing, as all of us are different. In my brokenness, I was only able to see inside my hurt. God is truly my salvation and healer. I thank, praise and worship Him for bringing me out of the deep dark valley of the shadow of death that I went through. Joy didn’t come in the morning for me, it came when it was my time, and my time is now.

“I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. [Ps. 34:4]