Just today I received a comment from somebody who thinks that I should send Erica’s stuff to Braden. It’s very easy for an outsider to tell others that they’re wrong and what they should do. Karen is involved in his life. She has communication with the foster parents. She’s my sister. She will always be in touch with Braden, so when he wants his stuff, he will always have a way to contact me.
There is no “HIGH ROAD” as that person states in her comment. He’s been ripped from our lives without even an explanation, and then tossed around like a rag doll. Social Services has been the ones to treat me as a criminal. They have with held very important information from the Foster Parents concerning the very reason Erica died. They made up a story that it was drugs. They want me to send her stuff to THEM? To make sure that it gets to Braden? I don’t think so. I told them that the Foster Parents can contact me personally and once I’ve established a relationship with them and feel comfortable, I’ll make sure Erica’s stuff gets to Braden. I WILL NOT allow California Social Services to be a middle man for my grandson. They have lied to me too many times. I DON’T TRUST THEM THAT BRADEN WILL GET EVERYTHING I SEND. THEY WILL PICK AND CHOOSE. He deserves EVERYTHING from his mom…..not just WHAT SOME AGENCY THINKS IS APPROPRIATE….PERIOD!!!!