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Erica 2002
13 Years ago, I never thought I would go through what I did. My son’s girlfriend had his 2nd child. He was in a different state at the time. I met my grandson, Isaiah when he was just 1 week old. His mother was just 15 years old. Her home life was horrible, and she was unable to raise a baby. A week and a half after meeting my grandson, and his mother, she phoned and asked me if I could take care of him for her for a few days. A few days turned into a permanent situation. My son was absent from their life, and I was the only one who could take care of this sick baby. She consistently had communication with my son for the first 8 months of Isaiah’s life. During that time, she would take him from us, and when he returned, he was very sick. He has many allergies, asthma, excema, mild cerebral palsy and needed special foods, and care. Every single time she would call, earlier in the day, a song would come into my spirit and wouldn’t leave. This song got me through the most horrible times of his small little life. My heart would be breaking, just knowing what (or what wasn’t) in store for him. She did drugs. She partied. Her friends always came to her house and played “house” with the baby. The cat slept in his crib. He was highly allergic to him. My husband and I were very active and always at church. Our friends spent so much time praying for us and the situation. We were advised by some people to force our hand and go through the authorities to take her to court and fight for custody. My heart wasn’t there. I wanted his mother to open her eyes and be a good mother. I brought her to our home. I taught her how to bathe him, feed him, hold him, take care of him. Her head and heart wasn’t there. We just continued to pray. During the time he wasn’t with us, I had complete peace. She would only take him back for a couple of days at a time. Finally, he was with us more than with her. When he was 8 months old, she asked us to take legal guardianship of him because she was fearful that she was going to be arrested for drugs. Of course we did, and within a very short period, she was in jail. We had him permanently from then on. When he was 3, she asked us if we would adopt him. Of course we couldn’t say no. He was ours. God placed this precious baby with us, and appointed us to be his parents. When he was 4, we adopted Isaiah. Now, everytime I hear that song, I think about that time.
Even now, through the difficult times I’ve been through, I know that I have freedom in Jesus, as He gives me complete peace. He’s in control of all things, big and small. He’s in control when our children pass away from this earth. He’s in control when a child is born to a complete stranger, but yet we were chosen to be that child’s parents. I’ve been blessed to be all of my children’s mother….including my grandson. I hope that you take the time to listen to this song. Invite the Holy Spirit to come in and do any healing in you if that’s what you need. The tears still stream down my face when I listen to this song, knowing that it’s only through Yeshua (Jesus) is complete healing.