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I must say that this is more a testament to God's faithfulness, love, mercy and grace than anything else.
4 years ago (2009) when we moved to Oregon, my husband, Paul was on unemployment. Prior to that, he was on disability from Bells Palsy. We had lived here for only 7 months when he got sick again. This time it would be bad. He had the worst global pain going around and in his head than he could stand. He had vertigo so bad that he couldn't walk. We had no medical insurance. We took him to the Dr.'s. They should have done a Lumbar Puncture, but they didn't. It turned out that he had Meningitus. He was hospitalized. While in the hospital he got Bells Palsy once again. On the right side. He had been complaining of the loss of hearing on his right side.
We weren't getting any answers, nor was he getting better. The Dr.'s released him from the hospital without running the correct tests on him, full of drugs, and no better than when he was admitted. I proceeded to do my own research and found OHSU. I made the arrangements, and got him an appt. By now, his hearing loss was 100% gone on his right side plus he had the most horrible ringing (tinnitus) in his ear. The Dr. was pro-active with the Bells Palsy, treated him with a steroid injection into the ear canal, ordered an MRI, and scheduled a follow up appt. We lived on the Oregon Coast at the time….a 21/2 hour drive away to Portland. On the follow up appt., the Dr. informed us that Paul had a tumor. Not sure what kind…could be a 'Facial Schwanoma' or an 'Acoustic Neuroma'. Considering the facial paralysis, the Dr. decided to operate. We went to see a neurologist who specialized in this. He saw Paul and explained everything to us. He also said that he would be making the incision in front of his ear, severing the facial nerve, then doing a nerve graft from either his neck or leg. He would be permanently paralyzed for life on that side of his face. On the day the surgery was scheduled, we had all of our ducks lined up. Our friends from Redding, Ca had driven all the way up to be with me during this time. Paul was being prepped for surgery. The nurse was unable to get the IV in his arm. She had to call for a phlebotomist. It seemed like it took forever. In the meantime, a resident Dr. came to check on Paul to just see how he was doing. To his surprise, Paul had no paralysis. He went and got the Dr. who had scheduled the operation. He was as equally surprised. The steroid injection had reversed the paralysis….just what he was hoping for. The Bells Palsy caused it….not a Facial Schwanoma. His surgery was cancelled. All dressed up, waiting to be permanently disfigured, and God stepped in and said…..'NOT THIS ONE….HE'S MINE'. At least, that's what we believe! So, we spent the next 2 years, just waiting and watching this thing grow. In February, 2012, he started having symptoms again. They were subtle, but they were getting closer and more intense. He had to have a follow up MRI scan. There it was. It had grown. Not much, but just enough that it needed to come out. OK, now we needed to contact the Dr.'s once again. They had left the Hospital. Neither one of them were even in the area. It was recommended that we send Paul's medical records to the in Los Angeles, Ca. The Dr.'s down there would review them, and give a second opinion — free of charge. By the way, he had gotten a very good job with Lowe's, and we had great medical insurance by now. They got his records and within 24 hrs., Dr. Slattery called and wanted to schedule surgery…..within 6 weeks. So, here we go again. This time, we were assured that the incision would be a c shape BEHIND the ear. They couldn't guarantee no paralysis, but the prognosis was much better than before.
May 24, 2012 was the scariest day of not only my life, but my husband, Paul's. On May 21st, we set out to drive from where we live – Salem, Oregon to Los Angeles, Ca. Almost 1,000 miles. He had an Acoustic Neuroma (brain tumor), that was scheduled to come out. We didn't know what the outcome would be. Isaiah (our son) and I waited in anticipation for what seemed like an eternity. This was the day that this horrible, ugly, very small growth that grew inside my husbands head would be removed. The Dr. wasn't sure if he would be able to get it all. He wasn't sure if Paul would have paralysis on that side of his face.
We had been staying at 'Seton Hall' on the property of the hospital, just for 'brain tumor' patients. We had seen and visited with some of the patients who had already had their surgeries. One couple flew all the way from Malaysia. He was just a few days post op. Although he was paralyzed on the affected side, he did very well. The scar was herrendous. His story was impressive, but frightening to us.
So, now Isaiah and I are waiting to hear, and finally he's out. He was in ICU, and only I could see him for 15 minute intervals. I felt so bad for him. He was in such pain. It was so hard for me to control my emotions as I saw him this way.
We were down there for 10 days. We left, and on the way home, we met up with Erica and Braden. She was unable to come to the hospital to visit, so we made other arrangements. There's lots of regrets we have in life, but this was one time that I'm very grateful to God for sending us all the way down there. That was the last time I saw my daughter.
It's been exactly one year ago today that Paul had his surgery. So much has happened. He has already had a follow up MRI and there's absolutely no residual tumor – PRAISE GOD! He has healed, and continues to get better everyday. God took care of Paul, and made sure that he wasn't butchered by Dr.'s who didn't really know what they were doing. God knew the future, and I believe that He allowed us one last time to be with Erica.
The pictures above are of him in ICU and today – 1 year later. GOD HAS BEEN VERY FAITHFUL AND GOOD TO US!