.erica ocean
With each day that passes,
I learn something new.
I grow a little more,
And I owe it all to you.

With each day that goes by,
The past slips further away.
I learn to live a little more,
And I welcome each new day.

With each new day that I live,
I belong that much more to me.
I respect myself a little more,
And it is quite plain to see.

With each day that we share,
Our love just gets stronger.
We give a little more,
And our future seems longer

With each day free of trouble,
I smile to myself.
I laugh a little more,
And leave my fears upon their shelf.

With each day the sun rises,
I’m convinced I am blessed
I love life a little more,
And this serenity’s the best.

With each day we see through
I’m that much more amazed.
We strive for goals a little more,
And we’re prepared for future days.

December 14, 2001 (22 years old)