Erica adult
Sometimes I wish I could fly…
I would fly to a fairie tale land of dreams,
Where good defeated evil, and there were heroes,
And innocence ruled the kingdom.

Sometimes I wish I could dance….
I’d dance on clouds with silver linings,
Feel the wind toss me into the sky,
And delight in the magical feeling of freedom.

Sometimes I wish I could fall…
Fall back through the sands of time,
To a beautiful place where love was real,
And enchantment ruled the heart.

Sometimes I wish I could sing…
And tell the world that the world was good,
When fairies and dragons lived and played.
Before everything fell apart.
I wish I could remind the world to dream,
And give everyone a voice to sing…
I’d give them wings so they could fly,
And everyone would touch the sky.

July 21, 2002 (23 yrs old)