America the beautiful, America the bold.
But what about the part of us
That has not yet been told?
Land of freedom, shining bright,
Will those people agree for
Whom their lives they have to fight?
All you see is gold when you see a sunrise
But will you see something else when
The wonder’s gone from your eyes?
The fog comes sneaking up like a wall,
But will the fog completely mask
Those bodies as they fall?
What is going on in this country where we live?
When there are so many of us
Who can give all that we can give?
Land of honey, flowing free
But has the honey become poisoned;
Will it kill you or me?
Strongest nation, dominating the world.
But is this the place we want
To raise our little boys and girls?
Sing a pretty, happy song, dance along the streets
Try not to worry about our despair
As you run on those light feet.

September 25, 1996 (17 yrs. old)