Erica (small)
Every night I used to pray
to my guardian angel dear.
She would be with me every day,
guide me and hover near.
Then fate stuck its great big hand
Into the scheme of things.
Rearranged the grains of sand.
And like a bee, it came to sting.
Soon after that, I lost my faith
And wandered blind through life.
Like an insubstantial wraith,
No love, but yet, no strife.
Jack Frost offered me his icy touch,
but he chilled my beating heart.
Lovers promised me so much,
but we would play and then we’d part.
Finally Satan came with a plea
for me to be his eternal bride.
But Jesus caught ahold of me,
and led me away in the night.

……September 25, 1996 (17 years old)