Once upon a time,
Not very long ago,
There was a little girl
Who sang a song of woe.
Her heart shed tears of blood,
While it sought distant dreams
Her spirit tried to fly,
But had two broken wings.
And God seemed so distant,
A happy fairie tale.
Cause He never saved her
When beatings made her wail.
He didn’t comfort her
Through the nightmare she lived.
The grace she tried to find,
God never seemed to give
The little girl grew up
Through all the bloody tears.
But her life hardly changed
Throughout the troubled years.
God still seemed far away,
While troubles stayed at hand.
Her broken wings had healed
But she could not leave land.
Nobody ever taught
The little girl to fly.
They didn’t understand
Why she’d just sit and cry.
One day she spread her wings,
With anguish in her soul.
She screamed a plea to God,
For Him to make her whole.
She looked into the sky,
And found a little cloud.
She set that as a goal
Of which she could be proud.
She shut out all the pain,
And bit back the harsh tears.
She silently asked God
To take away her fears.
Then with eyes open wide,
She soard into the sky.
The times she’d failed before
She suddenly knew why.
She sat upon her cloud,
A smile upon her face.
She knew she’d succeeded
Because she’d sought God’s grace.
Once upon a time,
Not very long ago,
There was a young woman
Who of God’s grace did know.

……September 17, 2001